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How is a ZenLar different from temporary staffing and engineer leasing?
Clients and ZenLar become partners and co-managers of the client's offshore Ukraine based engineering team. Co-management involves all or a significant number of the client's existing worksite engineers in the Ukraine. ZenLar brings services to the client, including the management of human resources, engineering benefits, payroll and team building activities. In most cases, ZenLar assumes responsibility for private entrepreneur tax, benefit plans and other human resource activities. ZenLar can provide health insurance, onsite lunches, and other critical engineer benefits for their worksite engineers. If a relationship with ZenLar is terminated, the co-engineers will cease to work for the ZenLar but will continue to work as engineers for the client.

By comparison, a leasing or staffing service supplies new workers on a temporary or project-specific basis. These leased engineers return to the staffing service for re-assignment after completion of their work with the client company. Some would define engineer leasing as a supplemental, temporary private entrepreneur management arrangement where one or more workers are assigned to a customer for a fixed period of time, often for a specific project. This concept creates little long-term equity or investment between the worker and customer.

How does a Private Entrepreneur Outsourcing (PEO) arrangement work?
Once a client company contracts with ZenLar, we will then contract the client's Ukraine based worksite engineers. In the arrangement between ZenLar, a worksite engineer and a client company, there exists a co-private entrepreneur management relationship in which both ZenLar and the client company have a private entrepreneur relationship with the worker. ZenLar and the client company share and allocate responsibilities. ZenLar assumes much of the responsibility and liability for the business of private entrepreneur management, such as risk management, human resource management, payroll and private entrepreneur tax compliance, intellectual property transfer and general office management. The client company retains responsibility for and manages on-site management, product development and production, business operations, marketing, sales and service. ZenLar and the client will share certain responsibilities for private entrepreneur management law compliance. As a co-manager, ZenLar will often provide a complete human resource and benefit package for Ukraine based worksite engineers.

Who can benefit from ZenLar?
Almost any business with offshore operations in the Ukraine can find value in a relationship with ZenLar. Increasingly, US and European based businesses find value in a ZenLar relationship, because ZenLar offers expertise in IT management and Ukrainian HR and facilities management. ZenLar can partner with companies that have between 10 and 500 or more Ukrainian engineers and work in conjunction with their existing human resources department.

Many different types of businesses ranging from large software development companies and small start-ups, can benefit from ZenLar services.

What makes ZenLar different from other PEOs?
ZenLar is unique in the Private Entrepreneur Outsourcing industry for several reasons. The company's management team is based in Kiev, Ukraine rather often times the US. ZenLar's comprehensive service offering and its customized and personal service delivery model ensure each client maximizes engineering potential and profitability. Additionally, and perhaps most importantly, ZenLar is rapid response time to issues and change uniquely differentiates it from US or European based PEOs.  

Will I lose control of my Ukraine operation by using ZenLar?
No. As our client, you retain control over product development, and bonus allocations. As co-managers, ZenLar and our clients contractually share or allocate management responsibilities. ZenLar will generally only assume responsibilities and liabilities associated office administration, payroll, taxes, benefits, worksite safety and compliance. You continue to have responsibility for engineering planning, development and QA management. ZenLar will be responsible for payroll and private entrepreneur tax, will maintain engineer records and reserves a right (not the right) to hire and fire (a right that would only be exercised if the client management decision broke a law or otherwise jeopardized the business or workplace).

How will my engineers be affected by a relationship with ZenLar?
Most engineers desire the environment of smaller operations; however, the realities of increasing healthcare costs, incentive benefits keep good engineers with a larger operation. The "big company" human resource practices and benefit plans ZenLar provides for its clients help to attract and retain these engineers.

How much will ZenLar's services cost me?
ZenLar will conduct a detailed analysis of your current costs and prepare an assessment of ZenLar cost advantages. Depending on average salaries, IT equipment and office space requirements, ZenLar administrative fees generally range between 10 25% of gross costs. However, in most cases, the reduction in administration and insurance costs will offset all or most of the ZenLar administrative fee. And remember the value of the time you save by relying upon ZenLar.




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