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Ukraine based Engineering Resource Management

ZenLar implements strategic and tactical engineering resource solutions that save time and money for hi-tech clients in North America and Europe.




ZenLar is a Kiev-based engineering resource management company providing strategies for hi-tech companies based in the US and Europe. We implement strategic and tactical engineering management solutions that save time and money, attract and retain engineers, and reduce employer liability.

ZenLar is emerging leader of offshore IT service from the Ukraine - focused on serving hi-tech companies across North America and Europe.

With global resources, and industry expertise, ZenLar offers a full suite of services that encompass all areas engineering resource management.




  ZenLar helps high-tech companies to stay focused by providing application development in the Ukraine and maintenance teams from the Ukraine to support each company's global IT strategy at every stage. If you are interested in application development in the Ukraine, contact us today for more information.

High-tech companies partner with ZenLar for professional outsourcing when challenges such as industry consolidation, product commoditization, rising manufacturing costs, or accelerated product development timeframes are present. 



ZenLar brings services to the client, including the management of human resources, engineering benefits, payroll and team building activities. In most cases, ZenLar assumes responsibility for private entrepreneur tax, benefit plans, IT equipment and other areas of engineering resource management.

ZenLar takes a very principled approach to development projects. We manage projects in our offshore development centers to provide maximum business benefits to the client while minimizing their risks.

We takes on customized application development ranging from a small tactical project to an entire large scale turnkey solution. 


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